For their own privacy and personal security, some of our staff members have elected to obscure their faces or to use a symbolic image rather than a portrait.

Senior Leadership Team

Ka Hsaw Wa

Ka Hsaw Wa

Co-founder and Executive Director

Katie Redford

Co-founder; Member, Legal Committee

Juliana Bravo Valencia

Amazon Program Director

Keith Slack

Director of Strategy and Campaigns

Marco Simons

General Counsel

Mona Laczo

Southeast Asia Regional Director

Kate Fried

Communications Director

Seán Arthurs

Director of Global Education and Training

Naing Htoo

Mekong Program Director


Senior Human Resources Manager

Latin America

Ivonne Chiroque

Operations Manager

Karla Flores

Bertha Fellow

Laylor García

Bertha Fellow

Wyatt Gjullin

Staff Attorney

Gladys Guillén


José Antonio Lapa

Training Coordinator

Piero Meza

Communications Coordinator

Laura Posada

Bertha Justice Fellow

Katherine Paucar

Staff Attorney

Ana María Vidal

Defenders Coordinator

Cecilia Vieira de Melo

Staff Attorney

Southeast Asia

Nick Bull

EarthRights Defenders Program Manager

Ben Hardman

Myanmar Policy and Legal Advisor

Alma Angelika Kahlos

Earth Rights Defenders Program Coordinator

Watchawalawee (Dream) Kunboomreung

Mekong Bertha Fellow

Chana Maung

Mekong Operations Director


Mekong Legal Coordinator

Tho Prajak

Mitharsuu Center Office Manager

William (BJ) Schulte

Mekong Policy and Legal Advisor

Namfon Seakue

Administrative Assistant

Tong Teng

Mekong Finance Associate

Thanakrit Thongfa

Mekong Campaign Assistant

Macy-Chau Diem Tran

Macy-Chau Diem Tran

EarthRights School Teacher

United States and Global

Kelsey Atwood

Senior Manager of Programs and Global Grants

Dan Barash

Finance Director

Patrick Boyle

Bertha Justice Fellow

Lindsay Bailey

Bertha Justice Fellow

Gabriela Valentín Díaz

Bertha Justice Fellow

Deirdre Dlugoleski

Bertha Justice Fellow

Brennen Drysdale

Development Officer

Kayla Eaton

Development Communication Coordinator

Ysabel Echiverri

Executive Coordinator

Michelle Fantone

Senior Development Officer

Michelle Harrison

Staff Attorney

Naomi Glassman-Majara

Bertha Justice Fellow

Kirk Herbertson

Senior Policy Advisor

Rick Herz

Senior Litigation Attorney

Benjamin Hoffman

Supervising Attorney

Kelsey Jost-Creegan

Staff Attorney

Cayla Nimmo

Global Human Rights Storytellers

Natalia Gomez Peña

Climate Change Policy Advisor

Sean Powers

Staff Attorney

Audrey Schreiber

Digital Strategist

Maya Sikand

Bertha Legal Justice Fellow

Ali Sutherland

Global Education Programs Manager

Jennifer Swensson

Finance Associate

Marissa Vahlsing

Supervising Attorney