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“No one among us was left behind. We are here at EarthRights School as living in our second family,” said Lamnutor Dangdaenwiman in her graduation speech. Lamnutor is an indigenous Thai-Karen youth who is working to support and enhance youth capacity to protect their communities from hydropower plants on the Salween River.
2018 EarthRights School Graduation
Mueda Nawanat, Bertha Justice Fellow in ERI's Chiang Mai office, showcases the new report.
Fighting Back: A Global Protection Strategy for Earth Rights Defenders
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2018: Our Year in Photos


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After completing a seven-month course that started in mid-May, 16 students graduated from the EarthRights School. The class was comprised of students from Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.
EarthRights School (short version)
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EarthRights School
The Women of Dawei, Myanmar


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Jam v. IFC – Back in Court for the First Time Since Historic Supreme Court Decision
Colorado Climate Case Blog Post
Support Builds for Case Against Exxon in Colorado
Katie Redford during her arrest at the thirteenth Fire Drill Friday. Inspired by Greta Thunberg and the youth climate strikes Jane Fonda has moved to Washington, D.C. to be closer to the epicenter of the fight for our climate. Every Friday through January 2020, she leads weekly demonstrations on Capitol Hill to demand that action by our political leaders be taken to address the climate emergency we are in. We can't afford to wait.  Speakers for week thirteen include:
Janene Yazzie, Co-founder and CEO of Sixth World Solutions;
Ellen Dorsey, Executive Director of the Wallace Global Fund, GPUS Board Member and Major Donor;
Donna Chavis, Member of the Lumbee Tribe of Western NC, and Senior Fossil Fuels Campaigner with Friends of the Earth U.S.;
Katie Redford, American human rights lawyer, US Director of EarthRights International;
Veronica Coptis, Executive Director of the Center for Coalfield Justice;
Josh Fox, American film director, playwright and environmental activist, best known for his Oscar-nominated, Emmy-winning 2010 documentary, Gasland;
Janet Redman, GPUS Climate Director;
Tamara Toles O'Laughlin, Director of North America.
We decided to risk arrest; here’s why

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Neung (Thailand)
Saw Eh Say (Myanmar)
Sar Mory in Cambodia's Areng River Valley.
Sar Mory (Cambodia)


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Conceptos básicos sobre empresas y derechos humanos
2018 Annual Report
Agreements between the National Police and extractive companies in Peru – Executive Summary

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¡Líder Mapuche, Alberto Curamil, Liberado Hoy en Chile!
Líderes de Derechos Humanos Presentan Amicus Curiae en Caso de Activista Ambiental Indígena Chileno
Human Rights Groups Urge Interim Bolivian Government to Investigate Recent Abuses Against Civilians


Jam v. IFC – Back in Court for the First Time Since Historic Supreme Court Decision


Media Release

Our Co-Founder, Katie Redford, Announces Big Changes at EarthRights

Media Release

In wake of EarthRights’ Supreme Court victory, World Bank Group expresses new commitment to “accountability”