In February 2021, the Myanmar military initiated a bloody coup, attempting to seize control of the government. The people of Myanmar responded to the coup with a nationwide civil disobedience movement to prevent the junta from taking control of the government and cut off its funding sources. 

Gas revenues from multinational companies including TotalEnergies and Chevron sustain the coup. 

For nearly a year, Total and Chevron ignored calls to act responsibly and instead continued to make revenue payments that they knew would fall into the hands of the junta. They also spread disinformation and lobbied foreign governments to ensure inaction by the international community on sanctions. In a victory for the people of Myanmar, Total and Chevron announced in January of 2022 that they were leaving the country. 

Will Total and Chevron divest responsibly or will they allow the junta to continue to seize gas revenues owed to the Myanmar government? 

EarthRights has conducted investigations, worked with lawmakers and policymakers, and raised public awareness to support the people of Myanmar and pressure the financial backers of the Myanmar military. You can take action with us here to help protect and support the people of Myanmar.

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Big Oil Fact Sheet

Our fact sheet details how Big Oil’s public messaging shows that it has acknowledged the risk of being associated with the junta’s crimes but has justified complicity by wrapping it in the language of business and human rights.



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Myanmar oil and gas.

“After experiencing the 1988 student uprisings in Myanmar, I am horrified by the brutality of the military’s actions. Thousands of people, including journalists and medical workers, have been violently detained. The military’s brutal wars continue in ethnic areas, displacing thousands of people.”

Ka Hsaw Wa, EarthRights Executive Director