Webinar Invitation: An Activist’s Guide to Reducing Exposure to SLAPP Lawsuits

This webinar will help activists, community organizers, and NGOs to build resilience to “Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation” (SLAPPs), a tactic that is being used by powerful interests to silence our Constitutionally-protected free speech rights.

We argued our case before the Supreme Court!

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in our case, Jam v. IFC, where we argued international organizations, like the World Bank Group, should not be above the law.

Introducing the "Protect the Protest" Taskforce!

Learn how this coalition aims to protect free speech and fight back against shameless courtroom tactics.

Expose Global Injustice. Mobilize Local Power. Demand Accountability.

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What We Do

Our training, legal, and campaigns programs shift power from global elites to local communities and frontline earth rights defenders . Our work covers: Climate Justice, Corporate Accountability, Mega-Projects, Land Rights, Extractive Industries, and Earth Rights Defenders.