Supporting communities on the front lines of the climate crisis in their organized resistance against destructive fossil fuel projects.

The climate crisis presents one of the greatest global threats to human rights the world has ever faced, and communities worldwide are already experiencing significant repercussions. Unfortunately, fossil fuel corporations are disproportionately contributing to the climate crisis and must be held accountable for the damage they have caused. EarthRights supports the global movement to shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources by pressuring governments, corporations, and financial institutions to stop building and supporting new fossil fuel projects that do not adequately account for the climate damages they will cause.

As protectors of forests and critical ecosystems, Indigenous peoples are at the heart of the struggle against climate change. Protecting their land rights, particularly against fossil fuel and large hydropower projects and deforestation, must be a critical component of an effective climate change strategy.

EarthRights is working to ensure that fossil fuel companies and governments respect frontline communities’ rights and are held accountable for climate-related damages inflicted upon them.


Hold fossil fuel companies and governments accountable for climate-related damages to frontline communities.

A Global Effort

Learn more about what we’re doing to hold fossil fuel corporations accountable for the climate crisis and how we’re helping communities halt climate-damaging projects.

We’re using the law to challenge climate injustices. See our cases here.
As international and domestic actors in Myanmar push coal and large hydropower projects, EarthRights works to build a counter-narrative, supporting diversified, decentralized, clean energy based on the voices of the people. Learn more.
The Colorado communities of San Miguel County, Boulder County, and the City of Boulder took oil companies ExxonMobil and Suncor Energy to court, seeking compensation for the costs of adapting to climate change impacts. Learn more.
EarthRights works with researchers to monitor the health and environmental impacts of the Hongsa Power Plant in Xayaboury Province, Laos and collaborates with a network of Thai organizations (Extraterritorial Obligations Watch or Thai ETO-Watch) to track this and other investments in the region. Learn more.