Climate Change and Climate Justice

The Problem

Burning fossil fuels, such as coal and gas, account for most of the world’s global warming pollution. Some say we have harmed the planet sufficiently that there is no going back.

We are already seeing some of the effects—droughts, floods and storms. Climate change is here and now, and they are only going to get worse. Poor communities, especially in developing nations, suffer the most.

EarthRights’ Solution

We hold polluting fossil fuel companies accountable in court.

We attack the climate change problem by training lawyers and legal advocates to be aware of dangers, impacts, and relevant legal tools of climate change.

We tell people about the risks of climate change, try to decrease investments in carbon companies, and are planning projects on assigning liability to carbon majors to try to stop the dangerous path we are on.

We stop climate-destroying projects such as coal-fired power plants, extreme oil and gas practices such as gas flaring and shale oil extraction, and mega-dams.

We fight alongside indigenous peoples protecting the Amazon, the world’s largest rainforest and one of earth’s best defenses against climate change.

Campaigns and Cases

Climate Change case in Colorado (United States)

The Colorado communities of San Miguel County, Boulder County and the City of Boulder took oil companies ExxonMobil and Suncor Energy to court, seeking compensation for the costs of adapting to climate change impacts.

Coal Moratorium and Renewable Energy in Myanmar

As international and domestic actors in Myanmar push coal and large hydropower projects, ERI works to build a counter-narrative, supporting diversified, decentralized, clean energy based on the voices of the people.

Hongsa Coal Power Plant and Mine (Laos)

ERI works with researchers to monitor the health and environmental impacts of this project, and with a network of Thai organizations (Extraterritorial Obligations Watch  or Thai ETO-Watch) to track this and other Thai investments in the region.

Shwe Gas Project (Myanmar)

This Korean and Indian-backed natural gas project connecting the Bay of Bengal to Yunnan, China has has lead to forced relocation, forced labor, destruction of livelihoods, and abuses committed by Myanmar Army battalions. ERI supports communities along the pipeline route and continues to monitor environmental laws and corporate accountability in Myanmar.