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Maxima Acuña-Atalaya v. Newmont Mining Corp.

A family’s struggle against one of the world’s biggest mining companies. MORE

American Petroleum Institute v. SEC v. Oxfam

Defending Transparency Regulations against Big Oil’s Challenge MORE

Oxfam America v. Securities and Exchange Commission

Forcing the Securities and Exchange Commission to implement the U.S. extractive transparency law MORE

Kiobel v. Cravath, Swaine & Moore, LLP

A continued search for justice: Shell’s alleged complicity in torture and executions is challenged in the Netherlands MORE


Security Guards for World’s Largest Gold Mining Company Rape and Kill Locals in Papua New Guinea MORE

Budha Ismail Jam, et al v. IFC

An Indian fishing community takes on the World Bank MORE

Sahu v. Union Carbide

In Bhopal, India, people continue to suffer from water contamination. And no one is taking responsibility. MORE

Minis v. Thomson Safaris

Displacing Maasai from their Land to Make Way for Luxury Safaris MORE

Koh Kong Sugar Plantation

A violent land grab on a Cambodian Sugar Plantation MORE

Don Sahong Dam

Mekong River dam will have dire impacts on the livelihoods, food security and environment of communities both upstream and downstream of the project. MORE

Juana Doe et al. v. IFC

Honduran Farmers Sue World Bank Group for Complicity in Human Rights Violations MORE

Dawei Special Economic Zone

One of the largest planned industrial zones in Southeast Asia could harm tens of thousands of people. MORE

Doe v. Unocal

The First Case of its Kind: Holding a U.S. Company Responsible for Rape, Murder, and Forced Labor in Myanmar MORE

Doe v. Chiquita Brands International

Banana Giant Chiquita Paid Terrorist Group for Security MORE

Maynas v. Occidental Petroleum

A Legacy of Harm: Indigenous Communities in the Peruvian Amazon take Occidental Petroleum to Court. MORE

Wiwa v. Royal Dutch Shell

Getting Away with Murder: Shell’s Complicity with Crimes Against Humanity in Nigeria MORE

Bowoto v. Chevron

Peaceful Protest, Military Response: Chevron’s Complicity in Murder and Torture in Nigeria MORE