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Graduates of our training programs become part of a global network of defenders and go on to secure amazing victories in their communities. The resources below foster connections among alumni and defenders working to protect human rights and the environment.

EarthRights maximizes the impact of our alumni by providing ongoing structured opportunities for them to network, collaborate, exchange information and resources, and receive advanced training and technical assistance through our various alumni networks.

Our alumni do great work throughout the Mekong and Amazon regions, often collaborating with each other and forming new organizations. Many of these projects are made possible by the generous support of the Daniel Clark Memorial Fund, which supports the future ambitions of EarthRights alumni.

Neung is an environmental lawyer from Chiang Mai, Thailand and a graduate of the EarthRights School. He’s used his skills to advocate for earth rights defenders living on the Salween River near the Myanmar-Thai border and now trains local activists on environmental law.



Once regional youth leaders and lawyers have participated in the Mekong Legal Advocacy Institute, they are invited to stay in touch with one another through the Mekong Legal Network where they can continue to learn from one another and share strategies for success.


One of our most promising new strategies uses the Foreign Legal Assistance Statute to assist public interest lawyers in other countries with their cases. Under this statute (28 U.S.C. § 1782), “interested parties” may ask a U.S. federal court to obtain documents and testimony from people or companies located in the U.S. when that information is relevant to a foreign legal proceeding. We’ve brought Foreign Legal Assistance Statute actions against several U.S. corporations to seek and acquire evidence for use in human rights cases abroad.

Cooperating attorneys who have the interest and capacity to devote a more substantial amount of time can help by becoming part of our Foreign Legal Assistance Network. Attorneys would be responsible for representing petitioners in a Section 1782 discovery motion. Contact for more information.


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Many graduates of our training programs go on to advocate for their communities by launching new organizations. Visit their websites to learn what they’re up to.


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