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To Curb Climate Change, We Must Listen to Indigenous Voices
Defending Human Rights Means Defunding the Police
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Democratic Party Promises to Let Fossil Fuel Companies Off the Hook
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To Restore Global Leadership, U.S. Government Should Protect Human Rights Defenders
Black Lives Matter
Standing in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter
Environmental Impact Assessment EIA Community Training
A History Of Firsts
Boulder Rural firefighter Troy Shipley retreats to a safe zone as a group of trees torch behind him during the Overland Fire outside Jamestown, Colorado, on Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2003.
Big Oil is Exploiting the COVID-19 Crisis for Profit. Here’s How You Can Fight Back.
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Activists Under Attack in Honduras
Preparing for the graduation ceremony takes around seven months. In 2018, 15 activists from across the Mekong region spent their time learning and living together at the EarthRights School. The school is a safe and inclusive place where young activists from diverse ethnic, educational, religious, and political backgrounds come together to live and learn in a safe and peaceful environment.
EarthRights at 25: Celebrating our Favorite Moments and Victories
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Human Rights and Big Business in the COVID-19 Era: 5 Trends to Watch
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What the Coronavirus Means for Our Earth Rights
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A Message From EarthRights About COVID-19