Alma Angelika Kahlos

Earth Rights Defenders Program Coordinator

Region: Southeast Asia

Alma Angelika Kahlos joined EarthRights in October 2021. Prior to joining EarthRights, Alma worked with several organizations focused on human rights and non-formal adult education in Myanmar (Burma). Alma has authored and co-authored a number of learning materials, articles, and a book chapter, all related to human rights and the political context in Myanmar. She was part of creating Myanmar’s first-ever civic education phone application, New Niti, and she has furthermore created online content for a professional development course aimed at Teacher Educators at Myanmar’s Education Colleges. She was also involved in the submission of two shadow reports to the United Nations Human Rights Council during the Universal Periodic Review process involving Myanmar in 2015. Alma has also acted as a trainer and teacher, and supported organizations and projects in managerial and technical roles. She has a background as a social worker as well, prior to working with human rights and education. Alma’s educational background is in human rights and democracy, and she has also been further educated through her involvement in many civil society organizations and movements.