In cases in which we are not counsel, EarthRights International often submits amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) briefs on important issues. Most often, these amicus briefs are submitted in cases brought under the Alien Tort Statute (like ERI’s cases against Unocal, Chevron and Shell), where a decision in the case could have a wide-ranging impact on other cases. Typically, ERI submits such briefs to elaborate on a particular legal issue on which we have expertise; in other cases, ERI might submit a brief if the facts of the case are especially relevant to our work. These briefs form an important part of international human rights and environmental litigation, and other organizations have also submitted amicus briefs in ERI’s cases where appropriate.

EarthRights files amicus before the Taiwan Supreme Court in Formosa case
Constitutional Challenge to Mining without Consulting Arboleda Indigenous Community (Peru)
Amicus Brief in Juliana v. United States
Amicus Brief in Araya v. Nevsun
Amicus Brief to the IACtHR Opposing that Corporations have Human Rights
Amicus Brief in Constitutional Action to Challenge Conga Mine Project
Amicus Brief in Syngenta Seeds v. County of Kaua’i
Amicus Briefs in Arab Bank Cases
Amicus Brief in Bauman v. DaimlerChrysler
Amicus Brief in Chowdhury v. Worldtel Bangladesh Holding, Ltd. and Khan
Amicus Brief in Mohamad v. Palestinian Authority
Amicus Brief in Doe v. Nestle
Amicus Brief in Mamani v. Sánchez Berzaín
Amicus Briefs in Al-Quraishi v. L-3 Services, Inc., and Al Shimari v. CACI International, Inc.
Amicus Brief in Samantar v. Yousuf
Amicus Brief in Doe v. ExxonMobil
Amicus Briefs in Sarei v Rio Tinto PLC
Amicus Brief in Von Saher v. Norton Simon Art Museum
Amicus Brief in Movsesian v. Victoria Versicherung, A.G.
Amicus Brief in Sinaltrainal v. Coca Cola
Amicus Briefs in the Drummond Cases
Amicus Briefs in Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum/Shell
Amicus Briefs in Galvis Mujica v. Occidental Petroleum Corp.
Amicus Brief in Presbyterian Church of Sudan v. Talisman Energy
Amicus Briefs in Chevron/Ecuador litigation
Amicus Brief in Arias, v. DynCorp
Amicus Brief in Beanal v. Freeport McMoran
Amicus Briefs in Rodolfo Montiel and Teodoro Cabrera v. Mexico
Amicus Brief in Flores v. Southern Peru Copper Corporation
South African Apartheid Litigation Briefs
“Agent Orange” Product Liability Litigation