Litigation and Legal Advocacy

When all else fails we take bad actors to court.

Our training work in the classroom and our advocacy in the field would be enough to ensure that local voices are included in development decisions, and that corporations and governments cannot get away with committing earth rights abuses. In reality, though, local communities need a team of lawyers that will pull out all the stops in the courtroom, whether it’s to seek legal intervention before a destructive project begins or to seek justice after something has gone horribly wrong.

When bulldozers and guns destroy a village, in the name of development, it’s often due to decisions made thousands of miles away in a corporate boardroom or government office. When a community stands up to defend itself, their struggle will likely end inside a courtroom they’ll never see. We represent these local communities in the courtroom, to ensure their voices are heard and their rights are defended.

Our Cases

Since our founding in 1995, we’ve stood toe to toe with some of the world’s most powerful companies- an won. Learn more about our transnational litigation, regional cases, Foreign Legal Assistance, Amicus Briefs, and cases in front of human rights commissions and courts, around the world.

Legal Strategies

When a justice system works properly, the courtroom is one of the few places where vulnerable communities can face off against multinational corporations with equal power and authority. Too often the law has been used to mistreat communities, but our work is putting legal power back in the hands of the people who need it most. We use innovative strategies to find justice.

Legal Networks

In partnership with other organizations, private lawyers, and the communities themselves, our lawyers work to stop earth rights abuses before they start, and, when it’s too late, to seek justice for the survivors and the families of the victims. In the U.S., we use domestic and international law to hold corporations accountable for earth rights abuses abroad.


This database contains documents and resources that shed light on human rights and environmental abuses by corporate actors around the world and strategies to hold them accountable. The documents accompany our cases, and include legal briefs, discovery, and documents acquired through Freedom of Information Act requests. You can search for documents by case, company, country, and issues.


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