Women living in Myanmar’s Dawei Special Economic Zone (SEZ) are concerned about the impacts the project may have on the future of their communities. Dawei SEZ is a 200-square kilometer development megaproject being built by Italian-Thai Development PLC. It threatens to displace or damage the communities and natural resources of over 43,000 people. This video shows the voices and concerns of women living in the SEZ area, who are often ignored by developers and governments. It was made in partnership with local communities, including an alumnus of the Earth Rights School. The video was distributed across the Dawei SEZ to community members and stakeholders, as well as to communities in other SEZs in Myanmar. The video also provides a case study for other communities and activists working on SEZ and land rights issues, especially those focused on the gendered impacts of development projects and the public participation of women in decision-making processes.

“If we have to relocate to other places, I do not know how to survive… we will have to buy everything – even a leaf, or a flower.”
Daw Myint Aye, Htein Gyi community member

“It will break my heart to see us lose our livelihoods and to see people go without food.”
Daw Mee Cho, Nga Pe Dat community member