For over 25 years, EarthRights International has supported communities that seek justice for corporate human rights abuses.  Victims of human rights abuses are often unable to use the courts in their home countries, due to corruption, high risks of retaliation, and other barriers. They must look outside their own countries for justice. In this context, numerous foreign victims have brought civil lawsuits against corporations in U.S. courts.

Drawing on our own experiences and the work of our colleagues in the nonprofit human rights and environmental communities, we have taken a closer look at what options for justice exist in the United States, and where the barriers lie. The purpose of this discussion paper is to examine the extent to which the United States has become a safe haven for corporate human rights abuses. We put forward these recommendations to stimulate discussion and action on these issues in the new Congress and administration. Progress towards reform will require a broad-based effort by civil society, labor groups, and the private sector.