While the post-Kiobel world has seen several disappointing decisions for victims seeking justice for corporate complicity in human rights abuses, there are still bright spots in the U.S. courts. EarthRights International has developed a strategy to use the U.S. Foreign Legal Assistance (FLA) statute, 28 U.S.C. § 1782, to assist public interest lawyers in other countries in obtaining information which may be useful for their proceedings against a corporation. Under this statute, “interested parties” to an action in a foreign domestic proceeding can ask a federal court to obtain documents and testimony from people or companies located in the U.S. who may have relevant information.

EarthRights has filed several FLA actions so far. The first was to obtain information from Chevron, for a case in Nigeria involving the negative impacts of gas flaring. There, the parties reached a settlement. Interestingly, the FLA was actually a tactic originally used by Chevron itself. This may be the first case where a public interest group used an FLA request to assist communities in obtaining information from a U.S. multinational corporation.

A second action was to obtain documents and testimony for an action in Tanzania against a high-end safari company for land grabbing and violence. There, the court ordered the discovery in favor of the Masai. A third action was to get documents and testimony from a U.S. mining company for an action in Peru involving violence against protestors committed by the mining company’s hired security. In that case, a majority of the requested discovery was granted.

To spread the word about this potentially useful tool, EarthRights has created a guide informing communities, foreign lawyers, and other organizations about the existence, availability, and benefits of this strategy. The guide gives an overview of what the statute is, how it could be helpful to foreign domestic human rights lawyers, and answers frequently asked questions. The current version of the guide was most recently updated in March, 2020. We’ve had tremendous interest in this strategy from many partners, so we’re trying to spread the word!


Portuguese FLA guide 

Spanish FLA guide

English FLA guide