Dec 16, 2022–In recent weeks, a political and humanitarian crisis has seized Peru. In reaction to widespread protests, the government declared a state of emergency and suspended civil rights, including freedom of assembly. EarthRights International denounces the human rights violations the police have imposed upon those exercising their legitimate right to protest. 

“We also express our solidarity with the families of those who died due to police repression. We demand a proper investigation and urge the government to sanction responsible parties. Similarly, we condemn the acts of vandalism committed by certain non-representative groups whose actions have delegitimized the struggles and demands of a large part of the population.

“While vandalism is not the answer, the decreed state of emergency is a toothless measure. Restricting freedom of assembly will not appease social protests. On the contrary, it will increase fear, prevent people from voicing their demands, and encourage further human rights violations. We remind the Executive that, following international obligations assumed by the Peruvian State regarding human rights, Peru’s military and national police are prohibited from exercising disproportionate force.

“We urge Peruvian state institutions to urgently engage with the country’s grassroots and Indigenous social organizations. Only through serious dialogue and in good faith will it be possible to understand the demands of the population and attend to their proposals to overcome this serious crisis.”