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Next week, on March 5, 2015, five Peruvian indigenous communities from the upper Corrientes River, together with their legal counsel, EarthRights International (ERI),  will announce the outcome of their landmark lawsuit against the oil giant Occidental Petroleum (Oxy).

  • What
    • Press Conference for Maynas Carijano v. Occidental Petroleum, No. 07-cv-05068 (C.D. Cal.)
  • Where
    • Casa Andina, Av. La Paz 463, Miraflores, Lima 18
  • When
    • March 5, 2015. 8:45 AM.


For those interested in attending virtually, the press conference will be livestreamed on Google Hangouts and YouTube.

This press conference will be conducted in Spanish.

Coffee and sandwiches to follow.