Monthly Giving

Human rights. Environmental rights. Together, these are our earth rights. Together, they are the reason we can feel safe in our homes and provide for our families, regardless of which country we live in.

But too often, our earth rights are placed at risk by powerful corporations and unchecked governments who see land as theirs for the taking and its resources as theirs to turn into profits, regardless of the lives that depend on it. At ERI, we stand up to those who seek to put profits over people and we hold them accountable for their actions.

You can be part of this incredible, important movement by making a monthly gift to ERI. By joining our monthly giving circle, your support sustains the work we do to protect our earth rights across the world.

Why donate monthly? We have three reasons for you:

It’s easy! Set up a recurring gift at your desired amount and never worry about it the rest of year. Monthly giving allows you to make a substantial yearly gift to ERI spaced out over 12 months.

It’s sustainable! As responsible stewards of your gift and the earth, we’ll only send you two printed notices: a thank you when we receive the first monthly gift and a second one in January with a summary of your donations from the previous year for your tax purposes. We won’t waste trees or postage for each gift you make.

It saves the earth and the people! As a monthly donor, you are making a commitment to support the earth rights movement throughout the year and you are joining a family of earth rights defenders who want to preserve the planet for future generations.

Start your monthly gift today!

The road to preserve our earth rights looks long, and it doesn’t look easy – but the hard work of our staff at ERI gives us all hope. Join the movement and join the family by becoming a monthly donor. We would be honored to walk with you. And because long journeys require ample sustenance, if you commit to supporting ERI through a $20/month gift, you will receive a cookbook filled with recipes from Ka Hsaw Wa, ERI’s executive director.

Monthly Giving