The EarthRights International Cooperating Attorney Corps is a group of practicing lawyers dedicated to the ideals of EarthRights International, assisting our clients in advancing their claims for justice.  Our Cooperating Attorneys donate their talent and time in ERI’s various legal and litigation activities, including conducting legal research, drafting amicus briefs, and working on human rights and environment class action suits and other lawsuits.

It’s a “David & Goliath” battle to hold violators of human rights accountable for their actions. EarthRights International is looking for help from a few more “Davids.

Cooperating Attorneys also work on our international legal advocacy in promoting accountability for non-state actors, such as corporations, and international financial institutions.

The Cooperating Attorney Commitment

  • Commitment to volunteer time (you can specify how much) and a willingness to be asked (but not obligated) to be pro bono or co-counsel for certain cases.
  • Work with ERI or other coalition counsel on discrete elements of select cases.
  • Availability as featured or surrogate speakers to explain to various audiences the work of ERI and the underlying legal issues involved in our clients’ cases.
  • Work on discrete legal research projects or international advocacy campaigns.
  • Join ERI staff and other Cooperating Attorneys for special events and training.

EarthRights Cooperating Attorney Rewards

  • Promote international human rights, environmental protection and the rule of law.
  • Gain substantive legal, advocacy, and litigation experience in international and domestic human rights and environment law.
  • Earn the satisfaction of assisting victims of human rights and environment abuses tell their stories, have their day in court, and hold perpetrators accountable.
  • Achieve pride in developing new avenues for relief under US and international law.
  • Increase the number of pro bono hours attributable to your firm.
  • Establish a professional relationship with a successful international human rights and environment organization with over 15 years of experience in fighting for justice.
  • Receive recognition among ERI members, plaintiffs, and the public for the work you do (e.g., optional listing in our publications, annual report, etc.).

How the Cooperating Attorney Corps Works

ERI’s Cooperating attorney program is for any and all lawyers who are interested in protecting and promoting human rights and the environment. If you are a lawyer interested in doing pro bono work as an ERI Cooperating Attorney:

  1. Please send ERI your contact information by e-mailing
  2. Let your firm’s pro bono coordinator know of your interest.
  3. ERI will add you to our Cooperating Attorney Corps database.
  4. You will receive e-mail notices when our litigators need your help.  The notices will describe the case, the type of work needed, and the time commitment.
  5. All you need to do is reply by phone or e-mail that you are interested in a specific assignment and let us know when you are available to help us out.
  6. You will also receive notices of special events exclusively for ERI Cooperating Attorneys.

Cooperating Attorney Assistance on Foreign Legal Assistance (FLA) Actions

Cooperating Attorneys who have the interest and capacity to devote a more substantial amount of time can help by becoming part of ERI’s Foreign Legal Assistance Network (FLAN). Attorneys would be responsible for representing petitioners in a Section 1782 discovery motion. For more information on the FLAN, and to see the types of actions ERI has filed so far, see our Foreign Legal Assistance page. [hyperlink].  If you are interested in being part of this Network,or for more information, contact us at Make sure to put “Foreign Legal Assistance” in the subject header.”

“The obligation of free men is to use their opportunities to improve the welfare of their fellow human beings.”  Robert F. Kennedy