EarthRights International Board of Directors Treasurer (Volunteer)

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EarthRights International Board of Directors Treasurer (Volunteer)

Location: Global

Roles and Responsibilities

The treasurer will offer guidance to the Executive Director, Finance Director, and Senior Leadership Team in ensuring good fiscal planning, decision-making, and oversight at a governance level.

His/her principle duties are to:

• Oversee the development of high-level financial policies and their review by the board
• Assist in the preparation of the annual budget and its presentation to the board for review
• Ensure that the appropriate quarterly financial statements are reviewed by the board
• Ensure that the board regularly monitors the organization’s financial performance and alerts it to any important discrepancies between planned and actual figures
• Ensure that the organization maintains the appropriate financial books and records and that these are accurate and up-to-date
• Ensure that government tax filings and remittances are submitted on a timely basis
• Ensure that excess funds and reserves are properly held and invested
• Chairs investment committee and meets with investment adviser on a regular basis
• Meet with the external auditor annually, or more often if needed, to identify any financial control and record-keeping problems or deficiencies and oversee action by the Executive Director and SLT to address them
• Recommend to the board the need for a review or renewal of the auditing services provided
• Present or co-present the organization’s financial report and recommend appointment or reappointment of auditor at the Annual General Meeting
• Helps to keep the board informed of important financial events, trends, and issues relevant to the organization
• Chairs the Board of Directors Finance Committee
• Reviews budgets and reports submitted to the committee to make recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Board members’ term is 3 years with a limit of 2 terms. The EarthRights Board meets quarterly, with at least one annual in-person meeting (when possible).

If interested in joining the EarthRights Board of Directors’ Treasurer, please contact Laura Levine, Board Governance Chair: