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A recent statement by Barrick Gold, concerning the settlement between ERI’s clients and Barrick for claims of rape and killing, states, in part: “the settlement terms involving the 11 women represented by Earth Rights International are confidential. Therefore, Barrick is unable to offer anything in the way of comment on this matter.”

With respect to claims lodged through the Porgera Remedy Framework, however, Barrick added: “Earlier this year, it was determined that each claimant who had resolved their claims through the Framework would receive an additional 30,000 Kina in financial compensation. . . . This was intended to broadly bring claimants who resolved claims under the Framework into line with the second set of claimants who settled their claims outside of the remediation framework.”

While EarthRights International likewise is under the same constraints in commenting on the terms of the confidential settlement as Barrick, we wish to make clear that the compensation received by claimants under the Framework, including the recent 30,000 Kina additional compensation, is not “broadly in line” with the compensation received by ERI’s clients.