We’ve shared a lot of posts lately about Kiobel v. Shell, including several about the perverse moral gymnastics Shell has employed in their defense. When Shell filed a brief in the case, we called out how it misstated the law and demeaned human rights victims, particularly survivors of Apartheid in South Africa. Later, one of our interns noticed a passage in Shell’s brief that, frankly, sounded like childish selfishness rather than a legal argument. And last week we shared two posts about Shell’s misrepresentation of the position of Professor John Ruggie, a prominent human rights expert and the former U.N. Special Representative on Business & Human Rights.

We could blog about these issues forever (and we might!), but it will be hard to write anything that cuts to the heart of the matter quite as effectively as the 97 second video below. We posted it today, International Talk Like a Pirate Day, to call attention to Shell’s twisted pirate morals.

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Several of my colleagues were in the court room last winter, when the words in the video were recorded. They tell me that, when Justice Breyer asked about “Pirates Incorporated,” the whole room started laughing. But Shell’s lawyer didn’t bat an eye. She just kept defending corporate power at all costs, no matter how absurd the argument. Shell will stop at nothing to avoid taking responsibility for their alleged crimes… we can’t let them get away with it! Join our campaign at TooBigToPunish.org!