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On July 15, 2008, the EarthRights Burma School celebrated the graduation of the Class of 2008 with a ceremony and party attended by many friends, supporters, and network partners. Speeches were made by school staff and alumni, encouraging the graduates to continue their fight to bring about peace and democracy in their troubled country. This year’s group was particularly musical, so the 14 graduates treated guests to some beautiful singing in addition to poems and thank you speeches.

Burma School graduates visit the dam 2008 Burma School Graduates

As a reward for months of hard work spent creating research reports and presentations, the staff and students continued the celebrations with a year-end trip to a local dam and lakeside stilt houses.

Graduates have now returned to their homes and ‘mother’ NGOs in border refugee camps and inside Burma, where they will continue working for the protection and promotion of earth rights.

Learn more about their work in their recent publication, Gaining Ground, Earth Rights Abuses in Burma Exposed.