The current issue of California Lawyer profiles Cindy Cohn, ERI’s co-counsel and friend, and highlights her work defending privacy and challenging government surveillance for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). Cindy is a passionate defender of rights of all sorts. We first worked with Cindy on the Bowoto v. Chevron litigation; she was co-counsel on the case before she became the Legal Director of EFF, and continued working on the case until the end, even though it did not really fall within EFF’s portfolio of privacy and digital rights work.

More recently, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Cindy and her team in challenging Chevron’s subpoenas to email providers for account information of journalists, activists, lawyers, and others associated with the campaign against Chevron’s legacy of contamination in Ecuador. The opportunity to work with Cindy and her colleagues at EFF was one of the reasons that we wanted to take on this fight, and we’re delighted to see this profile giving recognition to the importance of her work.