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EarthRights at 25

2020 marks the 25th anniversary of EarthRights International. What started with three employees in a tiny office with one computer in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, battling a notorious oil company, has evolved into a global movement, united across three continents with nearly 60 staff members and counting. 

The world has only gotten more complicated in the years since 1995. We’re on the brink of a massive climate emergency and unchecked corporate power has resulted in widespread human and environmental rights violations.

That’s why we’re still here, using the power of law and the power of people to defend human rights and the environment. We’re excited to celebrate our 25th anniversary with our supporters and allies, because without this global community, none of our work would be possible.  

Watch this video featuring our executive director and co-founder Ka Hsaw Wa as he reflects on our 25 years of success and why our work is more important than ever. Then sign up to receive our monthly updates highlighting our achievements and ways in which you can get involved. 

We need your support now more than ever.

We are aiming to raise $250,000 to support our efforts to demand urgent action on climate change, protect earth rights defenders, and hold corporations accountable for their actions.

Please consider making one of the following gifts to EarthRights to help us meet this goal to strengthen our earth rights around the world. 

 $75 Founders Gift

$25 in honor of each of our founders, Katie, Ka Hsaw Wa, and Tyler

$250 Anniversary Circle Gift

$2500 Leadership Circle Gift

Earthrights at 25 Scrapbook

We’re sharing some images from our archives as we celebrate our 25 years of success. They’re a reminder that as bleak as things may seem, there are always people willing to march alongside us in our battle to defend earth rights for all.

Throughout the 25th year, we’ll be adding new photos to our scrapbook to share all of the success that EarthRights has had since 1995.

Evidence of a pipeline

These are photos that EarthRights co-founder Ka Hsaw Wa took as a young activist documenting the construction of the Yadana pipeline–the battle that started it all

Evidence of a pipeline

More photos of the Yadana pipeline.

Protesting Unocal’s Pipeline

Protestors gather to call attention to Unocal’s funding of harms in Burma.

Ka Hsaw Wa featured

Ka Hsaw Wa’s feature in the Washington Post in August of 2003

2001 Annual Report

Our brand has evolved over the years, but our core values have always remained the same. This is the front cover of our 2001 Annual report.


As part of our legal training program, we facilitate an annual seminar in the Amazon region for earth rights defenders from indigenous communities from multiples countries, focused on their legal and campaigning challenges.

Grand Opening

Ka Hsaw Wa cuts the ribbon at the brand new Mitharsuu center in 2017.

Jam v. IFC

Outside the Supreme Court in February 2019, after the historic win for our clients affected by the IFC’s funding of a coal-powered plant in India

Kaeng Suea Ten dam

A sign in the Sa-iab village, near the proposed Kaeng Suea Ten dam site.

Protesting the climate crisis

Co-founder Katie Redford speaking at a Fire Drill Friday rally to demand corporate accountability for the climate crisis.

The Mitharsuu Center

The headquarters of the EarthRights school, lit up for graduation night in 2018.