Mala Kyun and Gone Chwein villages, Kyak Phyu Township, Rakhine State. Livelihood Impacts: Destroyed Land in 2011 and 2012. Rocks and debris from Daewoo International’s Onshore Gas Terminal (OGT) near Mala Kyun village have runoff on to local fields during rainstorms and in 2011 destroyed 46 families’ rice paddies. Damage to the original 46 families’ paddies continued in 2012, with mudflows destroying an additional 14 families’ land in 2012. Farmers whose land was damaged or destroyed are presently able to harvest no more than 150-200 baskets of rice per year, down from upwards of 500 baskets of rice per year in the past. Compensation was paid to the 46 families in 2011, and additional compensation was paid in January 2013 to 58 families, including 38 families whose land was damaged in 2011. In response to an inquiry by EarthRights International, Daewoo confirmed that evaluation teams assessed and compensated farmers whose land was damaged in 2012, while claiming that repeated damages to the original 46 families in 2012 was partially due to the absence of restoration work by villagers. Local villagers claim that performing restoration work is impossible without heavy machinery that has been requested and not provided by Daewoo International.