Pyar Tay village, Kyak Phyu Township, Rakhine State. Land Confiscation and Destruction of Local Land. Project site in Pyar Tay village, Ramree Island, formerly a 46-acre hillside garden and pasture used by generations of 10 local families to grow mango, banana, bamboo, and eggplant, and raise livestock. In September 2011, Major Than Maung from Danyawady Naval Base located near Theak Pok Taun village confiscated the land without compensation after having obtained land title from the local land registration department. In October 2011, the community sent a complaint letter to government leaders in Naypyidaw that gained local media attention and subsequently, the Navy paid 100,000 kyat per family, regardless of the amount of land confiscated. The Navy subsequently provided the land in exchange for 20,000,000 kyat (approximately US$23,000) to India company Punj Lloyd for uses related to the Shwe gas onshore pipeline project. Thereafter, Punj Lloyd construction on the land completely destroyed the hillside gardens and pasture land, rendering it unusable. Between June and August 2012, run-off in the form of rock, debris, and excess water from Punj Lloyd’s elevated construction area, covered and destroyed nearby rice paddy fields located around the perimeter of the hillside, halving impacted farmers agricultural productivity. A small amount of compensation — insufficient to repair or replace lost crops and only 20 percent of the compensation amount promised — was paid by Punj Lloyd for damage to this land in January 2013. Local farmers claim that MOGE officials took 80% of the compensation for themselves. Daewoo International confirmed that this allegation involves the SEAGP sub-contractor, Punj Lloyd.