Yenanchaung Township, Magway Division. Livelihood Impacts: Pipeline Construction Reduces Agricultural Productivity. Before and after photos show reduction in agricultural yields resulting from impacts of pipeline construction crossing Mong brook, a tributary of the Irrawaddy River in Mon kam village, Yenanchaung Township, in Magway Division. Construction has impacted the hydrology in the area causing flooding in the the upper part of the river and drought in the fields adjacent to the lower part of the river. A comparison of normal sized onions from unaffected cropland in March/April 2012 compared to the onions on the lower side of the construction area from the same time period demonstrate the impact of the drought. Farmers who try to salvage their crops by prematurely harvesting their fields are disadvantaged because onions are unable to develop the seeds that would otherwise be replanted in future harvesting seasons. No compensation has been paid to these farmers whose crop yields have been negatively impacted by pipeline construction.