Feuy Sut, a 59 year old woman from Fang village, in the Ratanakiri province, marched from to Phnom Penh to hand over the petition to the National Assembly expressing her community’s concern over the negative impacts of the Yali Falls dam. The dam is located in Vietnam, about 70 km upstream from the Cambodian border. She is also concerned about the future impacts of the proposed Lower Sesan 2 dam. She is worried that the two dams combined will lead to further decline in fish stock and have serious impacts on rice paddy fields. However, she hopes that if the government hears about the concerns of her community, they might reconsider the dam project because of loss of fish, shortage of water and further impacts downstream all the way to Tonle Sap Lake . She would like to ask all the people to call for the cancellation of the dam projects.