In May, together with their lawyers from EarthRights International and Instituto de Defensa Legal, communities affected by the Chadín 2 Hydroelectric Project filed a lawsuit for recognition of rights of the Marañon River in Peru. The constitutional request asks to guarantee their fundamental rights through the protection of the Marañón River and its rich biodiversity, declaring its Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) invalid. The project will create energy by damming the waters of the Marañón River, whose reservoir will have an area of 32.5 square kilometers and will flood the surrounding lands. This would displace at least 1,000 people living in Cajamarca and Amazonas, resulting in the irreparable damage to their ecosystem. In this photo, Juliana Bravo, ERI’s Amazon Program Director, leads a press conference in Peru announcing the filing of the lawsuit for recognition of the rights of the Marañon River.