In February, ERI’s lawyers had an oral argument in front of a U.S. Federal Court in Goldman Environmental Prize winner Máxima Acuña’s case against mining giant Newmont. For over six years, Newmont has led a campaign of harassment and abuse against the family intended to force them off their land and pave the way for a new open-pit gold mine in Peru, which would be one of the largest in Latin America. The Chaupes filed a civil lawsuit in 2017. The lawsuit seeks to stop the physical and psychological abuse that the Chaupe family has suffered at the hands of security personnel working for Newmont and its corporate affiliates. From left: Máxima Acuña with Marissa Vahlsing, Supervising Attorney at EarthRights International, and Mirtha Vasquez, lawyer at Grufides, in front of the court before the oral argument.